Trattoria 'c'era una volta'...Memory calls back sweet remembrance, missing something that is no more, a scent, a taste, a face…
The genuine food we offer in Genoa starts from here, from a corner of the past that we served and shielded gelously.

Since those Sunday morning in our home, remembering when we came to kitchen and we were overwhelmed by a rush of unforgettable scents: ravioli filling, meat ragout that slowly coke, grandma’s smile with pinny soiled of flour.

We try with the same intent and putting the same passion getting back lost flavours.

On November the 26th 2013 a wonderful adventure starts for us.
We decide to left all we known and restart from our dreams.

If you grow up in a home where grandma and aunties are old fashioned homewives, whichever restaurant won’t have comparison, so we decided to give to our customers a bit of our home’s flavour.
  The whole menu is totally handmade from us as it used to be.

We buy tripe from tripperia “la casana” in Genoa, stockfish from ‘bottega dello stoccafisso’ in Genoa, in via macelli di soziglia in Genoa vegetables and fruits from a farmer friend of us in Coronata. We try in a small way to avoid almost totally GDO.

Raw material, exclusively fresh, follow seasonality so can happen that artichoke pie wont’be in September or that rabbit could miss in August!

About restaurant’s furniture we set our fantasy free and first of all we clean out our granma’s home and than street market with the aim to give an extremely homey touch starting from crochet tablecloth or damask linen to finish with moka coffee and served with ‘Sunday’ cup set.

Being deliberately  in an en famille  location, we will find kindness and willingness to make you feel cuddle as …our home!



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